Massachusetts Virtual Law Network

MASSACHUSETTS – Lawyers who spend most of their time on the road and in court don’t have a lot of need for a typical office.  What they do need is someone to answer the phone when they can’t and a place to hang their shingle.

Before the proliferation of email and electronic documents, attorneys needed an office for themselves, more space for a library, legal assistants, typists, a reception area, and meeting rooms — and all the furnishings and utilities.

Today, many lawyers spend their entire work day on the road or in-court, and their laptop computer holds all the law libraries,  legal documents, client contact and billing info — and they rarely need to sit in an office to perform their work.

That leaves the question of  “Where to hang the shingle?

One of the best places to hang it is right here — in cyberspace, on the world wide web.   A “virtual law office” is a little more than a website.  But the benefits for marketing and client communication are incomparable.

With the right online address, an attorney can receive new case leads at a much lower cost than almost any other type of advertising or marketing service.  In addition to the cost savings, clients who come in through the web are easy to communicate with since most web-surfers also use email and possibly know how to deal with file attachments, (like MS-Word .DOC or or Adobe .PDF documents).

A new network of virtual law offices in nearly every major city and region of the State of Massachusetts allows clients to find an attorney in their area, and for attorneys who have differing practice areas to easily refer others in the network.

More information on this new development in cyber based real estate for legal professionals to follow!

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